The best history adventures book

George MacDonald Fraser — The Flashman Papers

Every once in a while you want to read something meaningless, adventurous and simple. Guilty pleasure, so called. Here you go. A perfect fit for such an occasion, to experience a wild world of 19 century, real historical characters and events with a pinch of “flashy”.

Harry Flashman — famous British soldier, hero of the Victorian England, holder of all possible medals and just a gentleman. Sounds boring, right?

Not at all. He appeared to be one of the most protagonist characters i’ve ever read about. Perhaps, even anti-character. Flashman is a self-confessed coward with a false reputation for bravery, earned at the expense of others, and despite him trying to avoid danger at all costs. Oh, by the way, he is a drunk, liar, cheater and a profound bastard. What’s so exciting about that?

The way the author exploits this character. George spent enormous time digging into archives of the events, which happened at that time. Various wars, countries, continents, all of what’s happening in the book truly happened before. That’s the historical book i’ve always been wandering about. Yet, sometimes it was even too real. 19th century wasn’t as pure as 21st is, so keep that in mind.

Of course, Flashman is a fictional character, despite the fact that according to the plot the “papers” are the memoirs of his past. That character is NOT flat. The plot is NOT boring and predictable. The author manages to include Flashman in the historical past in a very natural manner, giving us the ability to dive personally with him into the madness that was happening at that time.

If you were looking for something unconventional while enjoying history, that’s it. Note — 18+ and solely for men.