One of the best autobiographies i’ve read

Benjamin Franklin. This man rocks. Or, at least, he was rocking 250 years ago.

I found himself in him. Sounds odd, especially since the world in 18 century was pretty different from today.

Yet what’s the most important — attitude to life and personal traits\characteristics.
Benjamin survived alone in Philadelphia, where he escaped in fear of his brother — 500 km from his home town (Boston). And he was only 16 back then! Don’t forget — there were no trains or cars — the road was a hard journey. By 20 he already has his own business — printing typography (he studied how to deal with that since 10 years old). Steadily and passionately growing it, combining with the issuance of a newspaper, allowed him to stand out and start influencing America. By that time he already found credible managers, constantly receiving dividends.

Benjamin’s curiosity led him to play with electricity, which resulted in numerous inventions: lightning rod, bifocals and stove. He is proclaimed as an inventor, having a worldwide recognition. Yet — that was only a fun sided project for him.

Benjamin wrote about numerous civil activities, projects and propositions he initiated. Schools, libraries, firefighters, policemen, cleaners. He was participating in various organizations and managing authorities, which shows the influence he had at that time. On the pages of that book he also mentioned his warfare management, which sounded quite impressive to me.

He was the man of the society, and all his actions were indicating that. He was for the poor, often leading an opposition to the rich authorities. He became the founder of the United States, although he didn’t mention this part of his life in the book. It’s the men like him — who find joy in making the world around them better.

Additional paragraph should be devoted to the way he built his life. He is well-knows for his idea of 13 virtues. So simple, yet really powerful. I am about to try that, in my own style, of course. Benjamin kept his productivity through the whole life, which seems really legit. You should read the book just because of that — in 21 century ideas of virtues are melting really fast.

I hope i would take the best out of his story. At least, seeing how similar we are, i would precisely try to achieve as much, but now in the new world, in a better world. At least i have all the opportunities in front of me. And they are far, far better, than Benji had. Cheers!