Why to start writing in English?

Why not. Thoughts have been filling me recently, and that’s one of the outcomes. Not all posts will be in English, obviously. Yet i’ve decided that i should give a try to that opportunity. The reasons are simple:

1). I’m good at it. Got an advanced level 3 years ago (even before university). I used to say (and still do) that i’m in love with this language. It’s perfect.

2). I’m finishing my business studies in English — an ideal opportunity to keep on track while getting specific vocabulary directly from the first hands. It’s rather good, since being able to convert freely any particular idea or implication gives you an irregular benefit. Variety of topics comes easy to me, seeing that from the practical experience.

3). It’s good for the long-term perspective. Even though i’m not planning on leaving this country within the next couple of years, international scene have always been a goal of mine. In my eyes the goal would be bound to business, whether mine (a startup), or the one i’ll become passionate about. Hopefully, i’ve established myself a good track for achieving that. Dreaming big, and English is obviously the best suited tool.

You may be wondering — what can i tell you about? My principle — always to produce something you’d enjoy yourself. Whether you are writing, selling, or doing business — it’s the key, that many people lose in the process. The other thing — giving you useful ideas. I’ll be happy if, reading my posts, you’ll not regret the time spent. I truly want to make the world better, and that’s a good way to start for now.

I see myself writing about:

1. Me personal experiences in life.
2. Work (marketing) and business related topics.
3. Things i dive into, for example minimalism and writing.
4. My passions: books, adventures, sports, photos, technology and self-education.
5. My notes on personal projects and businesses, currently in production.

Hope i convinced you. A cookie at the end: how to master English writing?

You need to read “The Elements of Style” . Mine is on the way from Amazon.