Paralyzed. My mind that is

A deer in headlights

Blinded, tunnel vision.

Frozen with fear

I watch the clock tick

I see life slip by:

Maybe I am content

Maybe this is who I am

Could this be the end of the road?

Dreams and aspirations

They come and go

A fly by night ,

Just drunken talk

At the table, stoned too.

My mind wanders

Anxiety rises, I breath

Calming thoughts

I’ve read all the books

I know the drill.

A dark cloud

Looms on the horizon

It follows me

My whole life

Every turn, every moment

I know it’s there

I feel it’s presence

Will the rain ever stop-

Will I ever be truly free?




Everything is addiction.

Food, tattoos, surfing, drugs, booze.


Why did we create this cycle?


Addiction = sales.

Sales make money.

What do you get from money?


Power to do whatever the fu$k you want.

You’re plan worked.

There is another way.


Come back to yourself.

Use your mind.

Focus on the small things.

The details.