DeDrive Community Campaign

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2 min readJul 18, 2023

EDNS Domains proudly announce the official launch of DeDrive, an innovative solution aggregating both Web2 and Web3 storages. To celebrate, EDNS Domains is thrilled to offer free trial opportunities to the public for 1 months!

Plus, EDNS is running an exciting community campaign, inviting everyone for a trial experience on DeDrive. Participants will have the chance to share a total reward pool of 1000 USD! Participants are encouraged to generate positive reviews on Twitter to help EDNS spread everything about DeDrive, and showcase user experiences and opinions.

Visit DeDrive at

Rewards pool:

$1,000 worth of gifts to random 31 winners -

  • 20 winners by lucky draw to win a free EDNS Domains
  • 11 winners by lucky draw to share $500 EDNS

Duration: 18–25 Jul, 2023

Campaign Details:

  1. Users try out DeDrive on production environment and generate contents (e.g. a simple product review) about DeDrive on their own Twitter account with both #DeDrive and @ednsdomains tag 3 friends.
  2. Users submit form at before 25 Jul 2023 9AM UTC
  3. Users share their contents within their communities and invite their friends to like, retweet, or interact with them in other ways based on the generated contents.
  4. Lucky draw winners will be announced within 1 week after campaign finishes. Rewards will be distributed around the same time.


Users are highly recommended to provide screenshots during their trial and provide informative contents. They can share their experience of how to use DeDrive, highlight the advantages of DeDrive or even contribute suggestions. Plagiarism is prohibited for the campaign.

EDNS Domains reserves the rights of final decision making.



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