You go out together on Wednesday, Friday, Sunday. Split sheets and private jokes about a strange woman who just walk down the street. Count the stars on the farm, agree with fond messages on the phone, hang out with friends. He says you look beautiful in a night, take your hand, giving you a kiss that makes you swear by all the drops of rain has already fallen on earth that, Yes, they’re in love.

Because they know that you can even have won love of your life. Yes, you can. You are able, you really looked beautiful that evening with friends, you were tender, but not mushy, you was sexy but not vulgar, you was difficult, but not insurmountable, you was really a good company. It’s not your fault because he didn’t want to date you.

Every time the movie repeats in my life or the life of someone I know, come home thinking repeatedly without stopping without commas without points: where is the error?

When you say you love somebody, you don’t want to take that person and not drop anymore? Don’t want her just for you, with that cute and uniqueness, sometimes boring, that their boyfriends have? You don’t want her to not look away, she give you satisfaction, she knows all of your life, what she feels now grow bit by bit day by day until you reach that point that others call love? No. If that person have something between my legs and some affective neurons, the answer is no. A sonoríssimo NO.

It’s hard to admit that because I grew up in the fairy tale where the Prince rips your guts out and their hearts to win the Princess. But with the facilities in the art of conquest the modern world offers, is impossible to expect acts megalomaniacs. And men, for cultural or hormonal issues, whatever, do not have this vision of romantic love that both cheers and devastates the lives of women. Thanks to God. Imagine that crazy a society full of mimimi and nhénhénhé? Afundaríamos in a global crisis of DR or crying.

Turns out there are those moments in life when men want to make out with someone (Yes, they’re kind of needy and don’t know how to be alone), but without the obligation to ask hidden depths of your life. Without the obligation to share the hassles. They just want a lightweight relationship, they just want a high-spirited and interesting person beside them for the days are more fun. They just want a good and comfortable sex. This is where you come in. And I, obviously. He can fall in love and you get married and have children and live in a House surrounded by Gramma Green? You can of course. But it can not fall in love and continue passing his days as if you were the last woman in his life. And let it be like that, too. We deserve to be well treated.

It turns out that when the man says "I don’t want to date" or "not ready to get involved," we feel a desire to rip their faces with gilette. We feel cheated, used. As if the man was a bad person, just because I don’t want to make a commitment with us towards society. Sometimes the guy likes you, very much. But the practice head male p&b can’t see abandoning the single life for now. He is of those who are complaining that woman sucks and when hit each other with a cool, run for the hills. Or, at worst, he could be looking for a serious relationship, Yes (and have, in a few weeks), but not with you. That’s because he found some qualities in another girl that are important to him, you didn’t have. And that doesn’t make you a person unworthy of love, in any way. You probably have their qualities, they all weren’t enough (or you don’t have time to show them) to the guy’s tie. Taste is like butt, huh?

Men, understand one thing. Women like to cuddle, Yes. But care about genres, with classifications, care to have someone to call "my". They need a request for dating or marriage to feel valued. So, if your sending the real mine that want to officiate the ones you have, it’s worth wondering whether you like it or not she to live a bid at that level, before you go screaming to the four corners which is a confirmed Bachelor and won’t leave polygamy. Who all want, 1 hour is nothing.

And, ladies, you understand. If you like a guy and wants to be with him, is. But be aware that the situation is extremely comfortable and might never pass it. Who doesn’t want to have the company of someone nice to go to the movies, spooning, talk about life and still be able to kiss and meet the other six billion and clubbed people who got there in that big world? Don’t put the victim, don’t. If you’re willing to play this relationship, because like the guy, know that it is bilateral. Everyone’s having fun. Well, at least it should. The important thing is to never, ever lose the respect of a relationship, whatever. Enforce and show your value.

Now, we know much when you think it’s a drag to insist in a relationship that’s not going anywhere. The people here don’t like anything that doesn’t evolve, stagnant or Paget. You’d look at a job like a lot, but you don’t have a chance to grow professionally? In fact, don’t grow makes you a bad professional? Sometimes you’re just in a small company that doesn’t have a lot to offer you. Both sides of the coin can be applied to almost everything in life. Short moments, create experiences, have stories to tell. That’s where you create the your market value. But then, onward. Go win your place in the lives of people who like you and you like.

I miss ur touch…


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