Going back home

I left Rome when I was 19 and I never had the chance to stay at home for more than two months. I am now turning 24 in two days and I have some news to share. After living in Berlin for 11 months, I have decided to relocate, I will be moving back home in Rome.

I am currently working on Emma and we are expected to start inviting people to our open beta in September. I will be spending the next three months or more in Rome to focus more on Emma and save money. We’ll be moving to London once we have some traction and things have settled.

I gave one year of my life to the German ecosystem and it was the most delusional ever. If things go well, I will have time to talk about this. My only advice is not to follow the narrative, what you read in blogs is not what actually happens here.

I am currently blogging about student life and finance on Emma’s blog, which you can find here. Any type of support is appreciated! We are looking for guests who want to contribute with some blog posts.

What about Brexit? I have no clue. I found it really funny, but I’d rather deal with it than spend another day in Berlin. :D I think the UK has currently the most embarrassing politicians we have ever seen; but this is the Trump’s era and even Italy is not joking, so who cares.

All my friends and past experiences are in the UK, so it makes sense to find any possible resource available to come back.