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Edoardo Segato
Jun 7, 2017 · 3 min read


Dear Trevor,

We are so grateful to have been in your company, and for the experience you gave us, which will accompany us for many years to come. I’m looking at the photos of our trip, and I see that it was everything we hoped for: charming Italian towns, boat trips, ATVs, tours to cheese and balsamic farms, paragliding, shopping, and the unforgettable experience of driving Ferraris. As if that was not enough, all was accompanied by wonderful restaurants and hotels, a dedicated staff of team members who pampered us all the way, and a guide who led everything so professionally and pleasantly. I am left with no doubts that this is the right way to build a membership club to everyone would wish to join.
Mr. Eli Matityahu sent to the Owner of Toshiba\Tadiran Energy

Toshiba-Tadiran Energy on Quads at Tuscany Adventure

Dear Trevor,

We hardly have the words to thank you for such an amazing trip. The serenity you caused; the great patience you had for every whim of each and every participant; your endless supply of smiles and cheerfulness. All this came alongside your vast knowledge and professionalism, and ensured a trip that will be remembered forever.

With love, Varda and Eli Matityahu

Varda & Eli at Hombre Farm

Trevor, my friend,

I told you this in the field, but I must repeat it in writing. I enjoyed every minute of being with you: your knowledge, your love of Italy, your love of people, and your sense of inner peace. The willingness to accept criticism (even if you disagree) is a crucial quality if one is to guide groups (especially problematic ones like ours), and you did so, artfully. I wish you all the best — may you flourish and succeed, and most importantly, continue on with this sacred work.

Happy holidays,

Micha Yahav, regional sales manager

Ferrari at Hotel Veronesi La Torre

Good morning Trevor,

Thank you for providing us a most fascinating and challenging week. You led our group of demanding customers with great professionalism, successfully managing to navigate between the desires and whim’s of each and every participant. For all of us, it was a pleasure and an honor to work with you. Your sensitivity, openness, understanding and willingness made all the difference. May we continue to develop and succeed together.

With very best wishes,

Zion Atias, Regional Sales Manager

Paragliding on Garda Lake
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