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I really haven’t had the need to buy an iPhone 7 Plus in order to understand the Apple’s thought for the next years. I understood that thought, that plans, before many others, when I bought my first phablet in 2014, the first Apple’s phablet, the iPhone 6 Plus. Apple’s intentions are — were — clear: iOS is slowly getting bigger, really bigger. This is the historical period in which the usage of a real computer is limited to a little group of users: pressing on iOS is the right thing to do, and Apple is quietly doing that. Now, imagine that Apple has only ten users. 9 of them only use their iPhone to live the perfect tech life. By the way, I’m the result of that simple subtraction (10–9): I can’t go sleep knowing that I only used my iPhone during the day. I need my Mac to complete my daily workflow, but I can also complete the most of his tasks with my iPhone. Apple thought about that: Mac as only a little help for people. So we had the introduction of iOS 5 with iCloud and the PC FREE era. Then AirDrop and the recent iCloud Drive app. I’m almost a Computer Engineer and the Mac will represent my work. Ok, but considering other things there will be only my iPhone.

I’m not that kind of person who usually write boring reviews. I think that my reviews are special because they are not only boring lists of features. They are something more, as I told you in the first post of this blog. I’m not famous or acclaimed for that, but I can say that when I write a review, my main goal is to make the reader feel the same feelings of mine, like having the product in the hands.

The fact is that the iPhone 7 Plus is probably the most difficult iPhone to review for a person like me, who loves Apple products and who has bought every single iPhone. It’s the first time that my previous iPhone, the iPhone 6s Plus, is great with the latest iOS, iOS 10. Last year the iPhone 6 Plus was not so fast with iOS 9. This year something changed: iOS 10 is really fast on the iPhone 6s Plus, extremely fast. Even the less significant micro-lags that were on iOS 9.3 disappeared (Spotlight and the opening of multitasking), leaving to the user the beauty of a clear and fluid OS. But I bought the iPhone 7 not only because I love Apple but also because I wanted to try the new features and I want to be behind the times. And I have to admit that I’m happy to have done it.

iPhone 7 Plus is probably the best iPhone I have ever had in my hands. The first time I said this sentence I had an iPhone 6s Plus in my hands, and now iPhone 7 Plus is going to bring the concept of iPhone to the highest level. Apple could not do more. The project “iPhone” has been completed. Unfortunately, I can’t say the same things about iOS: it needs a lot of new features and a — serious — big renew. By the way, something changed in the code, something is now making me feel better by using iOS 10 on my iPhone. When I tried the betas I couldn’t feel this: iOS 10 made my old iPhone 6s Plus dramatically faster and it’s a great pleasure to use it on my new iPhone 7 Plus.

Anyway, iOS 10 is one of the iOS that can be appreciated better on big screens — step by step, following Apple’s philosophy. You can visit Apple’s website to see some screenshots, in order to understand why. Even if it has not received a lot of great features, it’s a great release. And the iPhone 7 Plus is the perfect device to enjoy it. This year iPhone 7 Plus is the perfect choice, it represent the biggest expression of iPhone, the best iPhone that Apple ever made. And this time it’s the truth.

The first thing that is worth is the double rear camera, the “iSight Duo“, as Apple named it. It represents the biggest new in the iPhone 7 Plus, the most appreciated new. The first thing I have to say is that my iPhone 6s Plus is still with me and if you are planning to buy a new iPhone 7 — by selling your “old” iPhone 6s Plus — in order to notice a great difference in the camera, you are getting wrong. There’s only a little difference between the two cameras, and it’s so little that the most of people won’t notice that. By the way, the iSight Duo will make you forget this: it’s phenomenal and now I’m going to explain you why.

First of all, you will see your iPhone literally get out amazing shots. Obviously thanks to the “Portrait Mode“. This mode is not the primary goal of the second lens, but is the reason of that beautiful shots that you can see on Apple’s website: they are real. I had no way to test this feature because it’s still in beta and I need stability on my iPhone 7 Plus, but I want to leave you a beautiful gallery by John Gruber. I analyzed that gallery, and I noticed something. There are some imperfections you can also see and I promptly documented by myself: I read a beautiful post written by Stu Maschwitz. He spoke about these imperfections, and I agree with him. This is a software featureand we can’t pretend a superlative quality. We can’t get it, but it’s a really awesome feature and it will make shine your eyes.

The implementation of a feature like this requires space, a lot of space. You just can’t find this space on the regular iPhone 7 because simply there’s not. If you want to use such a great camera and have some great shots, you have to spend more money in order to get a Plus model. That’s because the Plus is the real iPhone. I understood it since the keynote of September 9, 2014. A 4.7″ iPhone is only an adaptation that Apple made. In fact the real improvements are only on the Plus model: better screen, big battery. A battery that seems to be tireless. My usage stats are saying me that I used my iPhone 7 Plus for more than 9 hours, with almost 40 hours in standby. These results are simply amazing because I used my iPhone intensively: a lot of internet, a lot of online reading, a lot of photos and a lot of word processing with Apple Notes.

A great new chip also arrived: the A10 Fusion is the new quad-core chip that is inside my iPhone 7 Plus. It’s more powerful and efficient, even if iPhone didn’t need that. If you are going to buy a new iPhone 7, you won’t notice a great difference in performance: there’s a tiny difference between my iPhone 6s Plus and my iPhone 7 Plus. The opening speed of apps is pretty the same. I noticed only a little delay of more or less 1 second during the opening and the performance of advanced apps, like some huge video games or apps like iMovie on the iPhone 6s Plus. The iPhone 7 Plus is only a little bit faster in the everyday operations. In fact, iOS 10 runs great even if moved by a dual-core chip and my iPhone 6s Plus can testify it. This is the miracle that Apple is going to make every year: optimization is really high, there’s a sort of puzzle between hardware and software that is never missing a single piece. This is such a great thing that make me love Apple and his products, everyday more.

So, here we are. As I said, it has been really difficult to review my iPhone 7 Plus and now I can’t find anything else to say about it. Oh, maybe not. The Home button, I forgot it. Well, iPhone 2G in 2007 outlined the birth of an icon: only one button because there was no need for anything else. 10 years later, that button seems to be useless. The IP67 certification is definitely more important than a clickable button. So, Apple made again a beautiful magic: here’s to you the perfect mix between hardware and software, the Apple’s workhorse since 1984. This mix forged the latest and biggest revolution by Apple: 3D Touch. Now this feature is connected to the Home button that has been completely changed, and also in every angle of iOS 10. The button seems to be broken and unusable, but it’s there, it actually do is work. You have to try it to understand what I’m saying: it’s gently and beautifully inserted in the power and in the imposingness of the best iPhone I ever held in my hands.

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