You can convert GPS coordinates into cities, counties, states and even ZIP codes for free!

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It’s never too late to retrofit Terraform into your infrastructure

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Add a Must-Have Tool to Your DevOps Toolbelt

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Because sometimes simple tasks require advanced techniques

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resource "aws_iam_role" "iam_for_lambda" {
name = "iam_for_lambda"

assume_role_policy = <<EOF

resource "aws_lambda_function" "test_lambda" {
filename = ""
function_name = "lambda_function_name"
role = aws_iam_role.iam_for_lambda.arn
handler = "exports.test"

source_code_hash = filebase64sha256("")

runtime = "nodejs12.x"

environment {
variables = {
foo = "bar"

Add Docker Hub Credentials and Prosper. AWS CodeBuild Instructions Included.

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  • Pulls will be rate limited for anonymous users and free accounts

A comprehensive guide to embedding and customizing YouTube, Vimeo and self-hosted videos in web pages

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The stakes are higher than you think!

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A quick guide to the Terraform “lifecycle” and how to prevent embarrassing deployment incidents with it

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How to deal with ErrImagePull(s), ImagePullBackOff(s), Great Firewalls, mirrors, lack of information and live happily ever after

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Plus a tip for testing Smart Home Actions

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Taking things for granted

This week I started a new Google Actions project. As soon as I had some working code I wanted to engage some friends to test it on real devices. I knew the procedure to enable for inviting other people to the testing because I had done that before, but I noticed that something had changed in the Actions Console.

Edoardo Nosotti

Senior Cloud Solutions Architect and DevOps engineer, passionate about AI, conversational interfaces and IoT.

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