You can convert GPS coordinates into cities, counties, states and even ZIP codes for free!

Geocoding APIs are common and popular today. Many of them also offer generous free tiers. Using such APIs with big data, though, can present developers with a few challenges. In order to enrich the big data with geographical information, triggers usually need to be set for external code to be…

Add Docker Hub Credentials and Prosper. AWS CodeBuild Instructions Included.

In an effort to leave its troubled recent past behind, Docker has significantly revamped its business model over the course of this (very troubled indeed) year. As a part of this renovation, back in August the company announced big changes to the Docker Hub service too. Effective November 1, 2020:

A comprehensive guide to embedding and customizing YouTube, Vimeo and self-hosted videos in web pages

Video content is taking over the Internet. The trend began long ago and the most recent stats confirmed the predictions were correct. TikTok, a social network entirely based on video content, grew so much and so rapidly that it quickly became a “threat” to long-stading giants such as Instagram and…

The stakes are higher than you think!

I recently came across a tweet sharing a very strong opinion about the separation of “cloud” accounts to isolate environments. The subject has been highly debated over the years and while there is no “one size fits all” solution, there is a widespread consensus on the advantages of separated accounts…

A quick guide to the Terraform “lifecycle” and how to prevent embarrassing deployment incidents with it

When I attended to AWS re:Invent 2017 in Las Vegas I had a clear feeling that everything in there was about serverless. Sessions regarding serverless computing and managed services were scheduled in the biggest and fanciest conference rooms available and were literally packed with people. Seats for sessions were reserved…

How to deal with ErrImagePull(s), ImagePullBackOff(s), Great Firewalls, mirrors, lack of information and live happily ever after

Helm is a widely used package manager for Kubernetes. It simplifies the deployment of many common applications and it also helps to create deployment packages for complex custom applications with dependencies. …

Edoardo Nosotti

Senior Cloud Solutions Architect and DevOps engineer, passionate about AI, conversational interfaces and IoT.

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