Them highlights of NYC to DC trip — 2017

Although I have been in the States more than several times, this was the first time I visited Washington D.C.

Got some useful tips ahaed from my ex-lobbyst buddy that lived and studied diplomacy in D.C., combined with my favorite research tools: Foursquare and Googling travel hacks — that I am gonna share with you. Took a perfect companion with me and went to check out what’s up with Frank Underwood.

Frank Underwood’s mansion / photo: Edo Plovanic

But what I love the most is meeting local people. I have a writer friend living downtown D.C. who was my summer roommate 15 years ago and a soccer buddy from my hometown that moved to D.C. 7 years ago. I guess it was a trip down memory lane, too.

Ok, enough with the foreplay, let’s get jiggy with it:

1. The favourite Smithsonians: Hirshhorn and National Museum of American History

I am into contemporary and modern art. With some concrete work on them like sculptures, paintings, design or architecture. That is why Hirshhorn was a favorite even before I went there. Top picks:

Ron Mueck (hyperrealist scuptor) / photo: Edo Plovanic
Barbara Kruger (collagist or maybe even the fontist) / photo: Edo Plovanic
Willem De Koonig (existentialism sculpturor, often connected with Giacometti) / photo: Edo Plovanic

The other one where I have spent over 5 hours and couldn’t experience all I wanted is National Museum of American History. Basically, it is one huge manifesto why Trumpism doesn’t work. America is built by immigrants and it is all documented in this amazing museum.

Julia Child / photo: Edo Plovanic

2. Biz discovery: &pizza

These guys are really into something. Rediscovering pizza. Or you can call it — craft pizza. They have a great point here. After hamburger bars hype, craft beer, craft this, craft that — they made a model for craft pizza with craft soda. I have never heard about them but have found a great article on Thrillist. D.C. based startup from NYC guys. What’s that special about them? They built an oven that bakes pizza in probably less than 5 mins. That makes them super competitive in food delievery business that is one of the hottest digital niches at the moment. Also — since they need early adopters, craft makes perfect point here. Their pizza is personalized, it has a bit different shape and you can have it in 5 mins. If you think about the events like concerts or conferences, or even hackathons — it’s mostly about pizza. So — there you go. If your catering doesn’t work — you can have bunch of these in no time. They opened 3 locations since now and I am expecting to see them all over.

3. Travel hacks

From NYC to DC — go with a bus. Use Wanderu. Search engine for all the bus lines like Bolt and MegaBus. You can get a one way ticket for $5. Most common $15.

Sight-seeing — there is a DC city bike service for you. Although most of the monuments and museums and in the same area, the distances from one to another are just a mood-killer. You will spend too much time walking around. From Lincoln memorial to The Capitol, although it’s a part of the same area, you will need about 45 mins walking. Also — for the most of the museums, although there is no cover — you need to make a reservation in advance (you can do it online).

Food! Wicked Waffles are downtown waffle spot that serves $8-$9 meat-waffles with enough protein to fuel your sex machine for a day.

Ham and cheese waffle / photo: Edo Plovanic