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When I played basketball growing up, we used to have a phrase as to whether someone was allowed to shoot a 3 pointer during games or not.

We’d say, Billy has the green light to shoot the three, or that coach took the green light away from Kyle.

The three pointer in basketball offers a trade off. You get 50% more points from making a shot from beyond the 3 point arch than the 2 points you get from making a shot from inside of the arch, but the accuracy percentage drops off significantly. …

In the last few years I’ve learned a lot about how a business can continue iterating on a product built upon a software stack that is starting to show a bit of age.

One of the lessons I’ve learned is that products that target businesses should be built API-first, particularly B2B SaaS. What this means is that you start by building the API for the product, the API isn’t an after-thought that gets added on when a customer wants to integrate.

What is an API?

API stands for Application Programming Interface. An API essentially provides a User Interface (UI) for machines to be able to interact with your application, it is essentially a Machine Interface for your application. …

I sometimes find myself giving technical advice on how to handle different issues to founders or engineers at their companies. One thing that usually comes up is timezones, so I’m writing down my advice here.

I’ve implemented timezones a number of times in my career as an engineer. A calendar app whose concept of a timezone was only the offset (-5) from UTC was one of my first implementations. Each time I’ve implemented timezones, I’ve done it better and my understanding has improved.

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First, what is a timezone?

A timezone is abstraction of time based on politics. It is essentially a region of geography combined with some rules and data about when the timezone’s offset from UTC changed for events Daylight Savings Time in the past and when it will change in the future. …


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