While it lost two licenses, it is also barred from any new “management services agreements” and must fund $400,000 to a new cannabis discount program

The headlines surrounding Friday’s deal with Arizona-based cannabis retailer Harvest centered around the loss of two dispensary permits. However, documents obtained late Friday by Pennsylvania Cannabis Report indicate the agreement is far-reaching and in the Department of Health’s favor.

Perhaps of most importance to Pennsylvania patients is an agreement to set up a new product discount program. The remaining five entities must contribute $40,000 yearly to a “restricted account” for the next two years. …

Permits in the North Central and Northwest Regions are part of the settlement

The Pennsylvania Department of Health said Friday that it had reached an agreement with Harvest Health and Recreation, Inc. to relinquish two of its dispensary licenses.

Harvest of Northwest PA, LLC in New Castle and Harvest of North Central PA, LLC in Shamokin will relinquish their permits to the state. The move brings the number of licenses held by Harvest down to five, the maximum allowed by statute.

“In order to ensure that this program is successful, we have a statute and regulations in place for those…

Analysis: The DOH’s latest demands and good old investigative journalism uncover potential legal problems for either Phase I Grower Processor

The path forward for the two remaining Phase I Grower Processors that still haven’t supplied a gram of cannabis to Pennsylvania patients became clearer this past week.

But what was uncovered raises more questions than answers.

Arizona-based Harvest Health & Recreation announced that it acquired Franklin Labs’ license and Reading-based grow space in an April 9 press release. …

Gov. Tom Wolf and Lt. Gov. John Fetterman (Pa. Press Office)

As Pennsylvania Lt. Governor John Fetterman criss-crosses the state seeking public input on cannabis legalization, the state’s legislature isn’t waiting for the results. A second legalization bill will be introduced in the coming weeks that easily puts the state’s legal cannabis market on par with California in terms of accessibility — and even surpass it in certain respects.

Senate Bill 350, written by Sens. Daylin Leach and Sharif Street, legalizes cannabis for recreational use for adults over the age of 21, and provides legal relief for those caught in the legal system over cannabis possession. …

The cooperative agreement involving research, intellectual property and potentially new clinically tested products

Some of Zelda’s current projects and their status in testing (Zelda Therapeutics)

Ilera Healthcare announced Tuesday it had partnered with Australian cannabis-based pharmaceutical company Zelda Therapeutics. The deal is not a sale, but rather a cooperative agreement between the two parties “to explore a broad range of commercialization opportunities.”

The deal fits in with what Ilera has marketed itself from the start: a medically-focus cannabis company. While it boasts the most expansive flower strain selection of any current grower, it’s ‘bread and butter’ is arguably in its formulations.

Under the terms of the deal, Ilera and Zelda will share…

Ilera’s Plymouth Meeting dispensary location. (Credit: Ilera)

A social media firestorm has engulfed Newtown Square-based Ilera Healthcare following a Monday social media post intended to deter black market sales of its products, that has since been removed. However, new questions arose late Tuesday as the GP disclosed in a statement that it was the victim of a hack which “diverted Ilera proprietary contact and product information.”

By Wednesday morning, that statement was gone too, replaced by an image simply stating “Your health is our priority.” It was unclear why Ilera has yet again reversed course.

Minnesota-based Vireo Health has quietly begun to ship its products to Pennsylvania dispensaries, making it the ninth of the twelve Phase I Grower-Processors to do so. The tenth GP to go fully operational, AES, appears to still be on track for a late 2018 debut.

Vireo’s first shipments are cartridges only, coming in 500mg and 1,000mg individual carts (the latter a first for the PA market) and a 750mg “Starter Pack,” which includes all three of its debut strains in individual 250mg cartridges. …

Edwardsville dispensary Justice Grown was forced to wait a week while other dispensaries around the state got the chance to sell the first legal flower in Pennsylvania. But when they got the green light this past week, Justice Grown did it in style.

For one day on August 8, the company ran what it called the ‘Flower Power Party,’ an event where select Terrapin-grown strains of ‘small buds’ were offered for $1 a gram. These buds were offered at other dispensaries for $10 per gram or $25 an eighth, part of a special offer from the Pennsylvania grower-processor.

Terrapin told…

AgriMed is one of four grower-processors yet to ship any product to Pennsylvania dispensaries more than a year after winning a permit in the first round of the state’s MMJ program. (Credit: AgriMed)

Prime Wellness became fully operational this past week, shipping product to dispensaries with promises of more product in August, including dry leaf.

Prime followed Holistic Farms, which launched its own product in conjunction with the opening of its Liberty dispensaries in West Norriton and Philadelphia in mid July. Together, the two were the seventh and eighth to have product on the market, but there still are four more grower-processors that have yet to make any announcement of eventual product availability.

These remaining growers are AES Compassionate Care, AgriMed, Franklin Labs, and Pennsylvania Medical Solutions. Among these four, only one seems…

Cost is an issue for some Pennsylvania medical marijuana patients, and so far dispensaries have been able to do little to help. That changed this week as the Department of Health announced in an e-mail to dispensary owners that it would begin to allow discounting with prior approval.

The move puts the state in line with most others, many of which allow for discounting for certain types of patients including military and low-income. While the new discounting policy likely still prohibits “sales,” it is a welcome change for some patients who were locked out of the market due to price.

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