5 Apps Smart Parents Use Everyday!

1. Hoop

Hoop makes it easy to find what’s on for kids aged 0–11yrs old. Instantly find everything going on for children from local activities and playgroups to workshops, classes and much more. Updated daily with new ideas, the help app lists thousands of free activities.

This free app that has grown a fanatical following amongst parents with over 400,000 families now using the app.

Started by a group of parents that couldn’t believe there wasn’t an easier way to find fun local events for their children, the easy to use app it was picked by Apple as one of the 10 Best Apps of 2016,

The must-have app for parents is now available for on iPhone and Android.

Try the Hoop app for free now

2. Mush

Mush makes it easy to find like-minded mums. By considering who lives nearby along with their interests, kid’s age, how many children they have and any shared connections, Mush hooks you up with people you’ll actually want to organise a play date with.

3. Pitapat

Made by parents and completely free to use, Pitapat is your local marketplace for buying and selling pre-loved baby and kid’s stuff. Find amazing bargains on everything from clothes to car seats in just a few taps.

4. Lifecake

Secure and easy to use, Lifecake solves the problem of where to save and how to share all your family snaps. Zoom through time to see your memories evolve, and share them privately and securely with the people you love — perfect for long distance grandparents!

5. CityMapper

Find the quickest, simplest journeys across towns. Citymapper takes some of the stress out of navigating busy transport systems, so you can focus on having an amazing family day out and avoid the tear and tantrums of spending too much time on public transport!