Do you know these 5 tricks parents use to save money each week?

The cost of raising a child to 21 is estimated at over £200,000, so we all need all the help we can get to make some savings. Whether you’re starting a family or in the midst of one, here some tips ’n’ tricks to start saving.

1. Download Hoop

This free app lists over 35,000 different events and activities going on across the UK for kids aged 0–11yrs old. A whopping 1 in 5 of their listings are completely free, making it easy to find incredible things going on locally that your kids will love, that won’t cost a penny.

The incredible free app has grown a fanatical following amongst parents with over 400,000 families now using the app. The easy to use app it was picked by Apple as one of the 10 Best Apps of 2016, and is available for on iPhone and Android.

Try the Hoop app for free now

2. Invest in tupperware

When planning a day out, try to get organised. Invest in good tupperware and remember to pack a lunch and lots of snacks for the whole family. Avoid wasting money at overpriced cafes or concession stalls.

3. User voucher codes websites

Use voucher code websites like to save at big attractions and popular restaurant chains. You’ll be amazed how many 2-for-1 and kids eat for free offers there are out there.

4. Downshift your grocery shopping

Drop a brand level of everything your buy, and you’re likely to cut your weekly shop by 30%! For family spending £100 per week of food, that’s a saving of £1,750 per year. Kids can be fussy about brands, so if this is the case, just keep your old packaging and fill it with cheaper contents.

5. Saturday morning movies

Saturday mornings are a great time to take your kids to the cinema. This is when the big cinema chains run special kids screenings of recent family favourites. These kids club screenings are a bargain, costing just a a couple of pounds for both adults and children. Take snacks from home to avoid overspending on treats when you get to the cinema.

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