Some abandoned ideas

A short list of ideas that stuck around long enough to sound good, if not much else

The book of ineffable sensations

Every feeling ever with a hint of every other feeling ever. Quixotic. Perpetual work in motion.


Streams of consciousness while out biking. Usually stale by the time I’d write them down.


Standard Generation Y/millennial/etc. problems. Done before, and probably better. Title up for grabs.

Expat Lit

Medium publication for those living abroad. Conflicted over the use of the word ‘expat’. ‘Immigrant Lit’ doesn’t have the same ring to it.

People I forgot about

Maybe I’ll return to this but the title is really, really bad.

Plan L

Short stories of various characters that move to London, but what the fuck do I actually know about London?


The first half of four stories, then an entire story, then the second half of those stories concluded in order. Vague notion of layers. Other than that, absolutely no point whatsoever.

A publication on Medium for literary translations

Still thinking about this.