Victory Lap

The air has assumed a bitter nip.

Flanked by shady pillars I shrug on

the flimsy shirt

and slip into the heartbeat rhythm.

Ears attuned to the ebb and flow,

antennae-like, never static

I rush through jack-hammer exhausts rebounding off the beaten brick walls

and filter past the coke-can hydraulics

hemming me in like garden mazes.

Every creak and foible has become almost familial,

no longer the bane of hours

in the oily dark room, cursing

They straddle the periphery of attention

like estranged friends.

I shuffle through all I can recall

Already just harmless memories

from another life,

strangely vivid,

Like reflections on the window of a cab leaving town.

I wind down, wipe my raw cheeks,

say a silent goodbye and leave.

Originally published on my old Tumblr in 2013