White people who are shocked?
Katherine Delaney

I for one will be quite relieved when this latest trend of shaming the ashamed has run its course. I’ve been black my entire life. I have witnessed or experienced every manner of racism, racial discrimination, racial insensitivity or just plain racial stupidity and still I (and many like me) was in utter shock and horror that someone who rode in on a tsunami of racist idiocy could be elected president of this country that I love and, despite its many many flaws, has come so far in such a short time. To trivialize that shock and despair in anyone is just as insensitive and frankly ignorant as denying the existence of institutional racism altogether. If someone is visibly shaken by the state of our union, it’s not because they live in a gilded bubble. It’s more like because they feel, hope, love and vote like you do. To lump the white people who have just had their hope and love for their country and equality obliterated in such a public and violent fashion with those who have ignored the specter of racial injustice for decades (most of whom voted for that idiot) is just plain wrong and I really really would like it to stop. Now. Thanks.