How to travel with Mindfulness

Your life is the choices you make; to make it about exploring the world within is a journey that has to be taken with mindfulness. This journey will be best measured by how you evolve as an individual, whether you choose to consciously put yourself in an uncomfortable environment to challenge yourself repeatedly.

Most of our experiences contribute to the learnings that result from the interactions we have, the activities we take up or the things our mind tends to register in the unconscious. Having gone through a certain experience, when you begin to retrospect, this experiential learning will encourage and development of a fresh mindset and provide a pathway to creative opportunities. This experiential education involves a critical analysis of the self, and if you are able to do it in the right manner, you will bring your journey to fruition.

When you choose to explore the world outside, you discover the world within.

Travel promotes liberating oneself and education from the classroom, and encourages enriching oneself with knowledge. It allows you to focus your lens on the diversity of the world, encourages you to immerse in its vastness, and revitalise your resourcefulness. When you place yourself where you are engulfed by unfamiliarity, you become vulnerable to the uncertainties. Travel enables you to fulfill your intention to learn. Being an active phase of experiencing the unknown, and a process of letting go of all preconceived notions, you awaken your mind to the possibility of creating a more tolerant society.

Change is not dismantling the old; it’s a process of refurbishing.

Travelling with mindfulness is a process of living in the moment, effacing any kind of judgement and accepting things as they are during that moment. Many times, your patience will be put to test, or things would not go as planned, but all of this will prim you for an experience that breeds tolerance and compassion. You have to slow down, take a breath and be receptive to what you see or experience. Every situation will leave you with a more prepared mindset.

Encouraging mindfulness during travel does not imply you accept everything at face value. It simply adheres to becoming a more receptive individual who can make a critical analysis the state of the world through his/her experiential development. To become such an individual requires a strong initiative on your part. You have to actively involve yourself in the experience to benefit from it.

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