Raising your kids to be Global Citizens

As parents, ensuring the wellbeing of our children is the most important thing that matters. The science of parenting changes every day — because every day brings with itself new challenges. As humans, we love to be in control of what is about to come. So, we prepare ourselves beforehand. We read books and we research. We want to be best at our job. But the truth is, there is no guide to becoming a good parent or a handbook that tells you how to raise a good kid.

To raise your child in the best possible way is a big responsibility. We devote our entire being to creating a stable environment where our children can be nurtured. Parenting goes beyond ensuring that your child eats a healthy diet. It is about the kind of value system you offer him with, or you set an example before him of how to foster social relationships. It is how you impart independence in your child as he grows older. As much as we love to keep our younger ones under the umbrella of security, we have to stop opening it for them at some point in life.

For you to ensure that your child grows up to be a person of element, you need to know that his education should not remain confined to his classroom. He has to step outside the four walled room to explore possibilities the world has to offer. With every opportunity comes great responsibility, and with every responsibility come great lessons that he will learn during the process. You have to consciously let your child make his own choices, and allow him to own the responsibility of consequences. If he falls, let him learn how to embrace failures and telling him to let go of any judgement. Your child’s personality is the result of the values you impart in him, and the kind of energy you fuel into him.

Nowadays, the scope of education has extended beyond the eight hours of school. Students pursue short courses during their vacations not only to have a routine but to have an edge over others. As parents, you have to find opportunities for your child which you think will help him develop experientially. You have to act as the bridge which connects your child to the world of opportunities.

One such way of developing independence in your child is by ensuring that he spends his summer vacations productively . It is during these trips that your child and his survival instincts are put to test. He has to act as his own person, run chores for himself, and take decisions for himself. Educational tours are a perfect blend of travel and experiential development. They allow your child to experience the state of the world first hand. Not only this, he learns to appreciate the diversity that engulfs the world.

Educational tours is just one of the many options that you can choose to provide your child with. The opportunity does not really have to be too grand but it should put your child out there. Your role as a parent should not be that of a guide which directs your child to the right path. You could offer him with a number of roads that he can take, but it is on him which one he thinks is best. It involves a lot of consistency on your part to keep finding such quality experiences for your child. You may partially sublet the development of child to the school you get him enrolled at. But being the torch-bearer, you have to ensure that your child is always exploring the world.

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