Summer Vacation checklist for Young Travellers

Ah, the vacations! You seem to have waited for them forever, right?

Vacations are here and all of us have a bucket list of our favourite things to do. From a list of favourite shows to watch, places to visit and people to meet, we have it all decided. But more often than not, when we’re on the other side of vacations, we feel we spent them unproductively. For all the young travel enthusiasts, we’ve come up with a list of things to do to make this summer a memorable one.

1. Look around for already available tours.

Chances are, your school/college may have already made a vacational travel plan. Nowadays, most institutions organise local and international trips during the summer break. These tours can be a perfect way to have a hands-on experience of the world. Moreover if you want to travel abroad without your parents at a young age, it is easier for your parents to trust you with the school/college authorities for security. You have a pre-decided schedule for every day of the tour and all you have to worry about is how mesmerised you will be when you visit the Buckingham Palace or the adrenaline rush that you will have when you ride The Incredible Hulk Coaster.

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2. Getting a step ahead of others.

If you aspire to study overseas for your higher studies, investing in a summer school program is one way to decide which university will be the best for you. Summer schools are short-term programs offered by top universities across the world to international students. These provide you with a platform to learn new approach to education, to explore your favorite subjects and to enhance your portfolio for better future prospects. However, summer schools go much beyond this. You live with people who come from different parts of the world, with whom you have nothing in common with. You get to exchange cultures and learn to appreciate the diversity you are surrounded with. It is these encounters that help widen your perspective about the world.

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3. Decamp to a Local Summer Camp

If you don’t want to travel too far and want something local to break away from the mundane, a summer camp may be your answer. Summer camps are designed in a way to promote fun and enjoyment which every kid needs after repeated days of rigorous learning at school. The activities conducted during the summer camp may leave you empowered with valuable life lessons and discover your capacity to take on challenging adventures.

4. Dive into a new culture.

Another way for you to spend your summer is to take up a high school exchange program excursion. A one of a kind opportunity, where you will be hosted by a native family of the country and study in a local school. For the semester that you will study at the school, and stay with the native family, you will experience their lifestyle, culture and tradition from a magnifying glass. During the course of the program, you will yourself immersing in a diverse culture, developing proficiency in their native language and ingraining pivotal life skills.

A list of High School Exchange programs across the world available for Indian students (link)

Taking everything into account, a summer break is not only about staying resigned to the active life. With ample time at hand, you can completely invest yourself in doing something new.

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