Why should you enroll to the School of Life

In a world that functions at a speed unmatched, only a mindset which is open to change and adaptability can help us become better informed individuals. The plasticity of the human mind allows us to adapt to the dynamics around us. We can wire our mind however we wish to. This is the beauty of the human mind; we can mould it the way we like, and this is why we become the things we learn.

The education system is based on the notion that learning will enable you to be prepared for every situation. The idea of ‘success’ also rests on the same notion- that you need formal education and then aspire to build a career. However, your success is also determined by your emotional well-being, the ethics that you follow at the firm that you serve, or how you treat people regardless if they are above you or beneath you. Your formal education goes beyond your score card to bring your efforts to fruition.

As a student, you need to expand your horizon of learnings and find more mediums through which you can acquire a skill-set of a self-driven individual. You have to analyse every decision you wish to take, and you should be able to clearly articulate your opinions. The skill-set you choose to equip yourself with will decide the quality of your life. Usually associated with the capacities of learning to manage life in a better way, life skills help in accomplishing goals and enable to live life to the best of one’s ability. Life skills are the psychosocial abilities for adaptive and positive behaviour, enabling individuals to deal effectively with the demands and challenges of everyday life. They promote development of your potential and have a transformative impact on your life.

Categorized into three, they include cognitive skills, personal skills and personal skills. To ensure that you acquire all three, you have to surround yourself with opportunities that will promote your well-being*. With every opportunity availed, you will develop expertise and experience, and acquire a better understanding of the world. Including creativity, decision-making, flexibility, cooperation, and social responsibility, once acquired will help you have an influence in the world.

Usually taught either in the domain of parenting, or directly with a purpose, life skills determine the basic quality of your life. A routinized life makes us fit into the niche so comfortably that we fear any change. However, the real challenge is to learn independence. Enhancing your personal skills that involve your personal well-being, encourage positive behaviour enabling you to deal with others effectively and will make you self-disciplined.

You may either actively participate in extra co-curricular activities at school, or take your education beyond it. By identifying the right opportunity, and by undergoing the process with much diligence and persistence, you will gain the ability to self-manage and learn the art of critical thinking. While keeping your goals at the forefront of your mind, you have to learn how to become genuinely involved with the worldly affairs.

To expand your purview, you have to become vulnerable to life experiences. As a student, attending conferences like MUNs, taking up a cultural exchange program or travelling on an educational tour overseas are some mediums of acquiring the right skill-set.* When you consciously place yourself in an environment where everything is unfamiliar and uncertain, you develop an awareness of the ‘self’, and recognise the impact of your actions and taking decisions. When you find yourself immersed in a culturally diverse environment, you learn to acknowledge the difference with empathy.

When you are offered with platforms to develop experientially, you learn how to make more informed decisions, communicate effectively and become cooperative with the people around you. Your social competence improves with your experiences. Not only this, you learn how to manage your everyday life by acquiring the skills to run your chores.

The best gift you can give yourself is the experiences that will add quality to your life. The idea of enriching yourself by exploring opportunities is to create individuals who can lead by influence and to build a more tolerant society where only empathy and resolutions persist. Your life experiences determine the kind of skill-set you acquire. You will be able to navigate career options and relationships in a better way once you graduate from your school.

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