Artists Referencing Their Past Works

Kendrick’s verse in the remix of “Bad Blood” by Taylor Swift references the famous hook on “Backseat Freestyle” when he says, “All my life I got money and power.” Notice how he says got instead of the original 2012 lyric that says want. Kendrick does another reference much more subtly in “Never Catch Me” by Flying Lotus when he says “vandalizing these walls, only if they could talk,” which has similarities to the chorus of “These Walls” (“If these walls could talk”). “Never Catch Me” was released several months before “These Walls” was released on Kendrick’s album, but it is likely that he had probably written the songs from the album several months prior to the release.

“Lazarus” by David Bowie has an incredibly haunting music video that symbolizes his impending death and in one of the scenes, he’s inside a wardrobe wearing an outfit he wore on the back cover of a CD of his 1991 reissue of Station to Station. The wardrobe eventually closes, showing how Bowie was looking back at his legacy which was fading away with his own staggering health problems. Bowie had passed away just three days after the music video was released.

Image Credit: Sound Station

Beastie Boys’ 2011 music video for “Make Some Noise” takes place right where their 1986 music video for “Fight For Your Right” left off and is considered its sequel. The video opens up with the Beastie Boys (played by Seth Rogen, Elijah Wood, and Danny McBride) wearing the same outfits they wore in the 1986 video, stumbling out of the house party where it took place. As this is happening, you can hear “Fight For Your Right” playing in the background. As the lead single to their final album (rest in peace, MCA), the music video was a perfect homage to their most popular video 25 years later.

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