Tess of the D’Urbervilles is a book written by Thomas Hardy (1891) which tells the story of a young girl in industrial revolution Britain. Trishna is it’s movie companion, and is a on-faithful adaption changing the setting of Britain to India.

The major notable change in the transition from Tess of the D’urbervilles to Trishna is the change of location and theme.

Setting the Scene

Tess gave most readers the familiar location of Britain. ‘This fertile and sheltered tract of country, in which the fields are never brown and springs never dry’ presents the world as the countryside of England…

Some times a story can be told in different ways. Everyone views things their own way, which gives everything their own different interpretation. A simple example is the transition from book to movies, or books to comics. There are many different ways to do it; some of them turn out good, like the ‘Lord of the Rings’ movies, or bad, like the ‘Percy Jackson’ ones. Here are the following attempts of mine to remix the film ‘This Sporting Life’, and ‘The Hustler’.

The Hustler Song

The following are parody lyrics to When I was a Bachelor (Foggy Dew) by Luke Kelly. …

When reading a poem, there is a level of complexity that is required in understanding the meaning. Each poem is designed in the eyes of the poet to be interpreted in one way, yet it is purely up to the reader to choose how to interpret it.

Translation is never exactly accurate in my opinion. Every language is different so that not every word can be perfectly translated. For example, in English tone is required to understand the meaning of certain word such as love; is it the love for your family, love for your special one or the love…

In English, the teacher decided for us to do a film comparison; the two films were This Sporting Life (1963) and The Hustler (1961). The main core of our studies was to look at the ethics and values behind sports, and there was fairly different.

The Hustler brought us into the dangerous world of Eddie Felson, and his life hustling in pool. The film is centred around pool, and uses it as a vehicle to symbolise the value of sports. …

When it comes to Literature, East Timor is definitely not the first country that comes to mind. In fact, most people don’t even know about the country. I chose Timor Leste because I wanted to expose people to the culture of East Timor, and I wanted to learn more about the literature of my ‘people’.

Country Analysis

Overview and Demographics

Timor-Leste, known as East Timor in foreign countries and officially as the Democratic Republic of Timor Leste, is a country located in South East Asia. It shares half of the island of Timor with Indonesia. It’s capital city is Dili. The country is made up…

Final Score: 2–3

lol. Bastille Day memes.

France- The Cadillac

France’s Literature tells the story of how a Cadillac is present at a Bar Mitzvah, and is attracting the attention of the family.


  • Imagery- Lets just say that the description is this story is mint. The Cadillac forms a Cadillac in your mind, and the bar Mitzvah can be pictured as one of those real family feasts.


  • Characters- The story introduces too many characters too quickly in a short piece of text. Its definitely confusing, and half the time I don’t know who is who. My brain hurted. Also, there was like no character development.

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Just kidding. I’m not that clickbait; actually scratch that. I’m pretty clickbait. Please sponsor me.But nevertheless, fake news is actually pretty hard to beat. Its pretty hard to determine the factual from the fake, and censored from the uncensored.

My parents keep getting baited by fake news, especially on social media. Only recently did they even think about looking on social media. This kinda means that they’ve got not experience with sorting the fake and bait from the real. …

When a millennial, like myself, hears a choice between poetry and “anything-but-poetry”, they are most likely to choose anything-but-poetry. Why? Simple enough- it’s boring because we don’t understand it. Why don’t we understand it, or refuse to learn how to understand it? Its boring.

The first point I make can be defined by Achievement Motivation. This is the psychological concept that achievement is a big motivation. And they are right. Achievement makes us feel better, and is a huge self-motivation. So, when we ain’t got no idea and someone else does, it can be pretty off putting. This idea of…

“The manipulation of my mind,
Is not something I take fine,

But if you must I must ask you,
To only destroy what is not true,

Because the things that I hold dear,
Will always be the things I fear,

That they will be my ultimate fall,
That they will destroy me best of all,

And if you see what’s locked inside,
Then I’m sure you’ll surely find,

The thing that keeps me bound to you,
The only thing that I hold true,

Is the one thing that’s in disguise,
Right in front of your two eyes,

And if you’re…

When we first meet Othello in Othello, it is hard not to picture him as the great leader and general he was.

Everyone seems to be in praise of him, from the Duke all the way down to his troops and the peasants. The duke outright calls him the Valiant Othello (Act 1 Scene 3: 48). And arguably, its hard not to be impressed. He’s the kind of a person everyone wants to be associated with; he is wise and tactical, but also attractive( even in racist times, ‘white’ people wanted to be in a relationship with him) and popular…

Edric Lay

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