13. Living minimally

I’ve adopted a minimal lifestyle. That’s a drastic change from the past me who constantly looked for fancy shirts, ordered new gadgets, took home anything free.

I gave too many fucks about too many things. I want to stop becoming the victim of consumerism. I want to start living consciously. Be mindful of the things that I consume. Only obtain things that add real values to my life. Things that I will actually use and not end up in a corner I will never see again.

Now I have 6 t-shirts and 2 pants that I rotate around. I immediately throw away freebies that I will not use. I travel with only one backpack. On top of goods consumption, I also became more selective with the events I go for, people I spend time with.

It’s not easy. You’ve got to be ruthless. You need to be able to separate things that you derive only sentiment values from with things you gain actual values from.

Every now and then I will see stuff that I am tempted to buy. Things I tempted to do. I will pause and ask myself. Do I really need it? Does it contribute to my happiness? Can I not live without it?

If it’s not a hell yes, I’d consider it a no.

Minimalism has saved me time, made more space in my life and helped me focus on things that actually matter. Living minimally has ironically help me live optimally.