33. No such thing as procrastination

I was overwhelmed with the heaps of work to do today. So I went to Youtube some uplifting videos and chanced upon Erich Thomas. Here’s my favorite quote of his:

“There is no such thing as procrastination, what it is, it’s not important enough to you”

A lady asked Thomas about battling procrastination. And he asked her back if he gave her $5M if she showed up 5 am tomorrow, what would she do? She went, I would be there by 4:59 am. And that’s the proof that if something is important and urgent enough, you’ll do whatever it takes to make it.

So rather than searching for all the hacks to combat procrastination, what if it doesn’t need to be there at the first place?

I’ve been putting off work because I did not see the real importance and meaning behind it. As a result, that work did not become a priority for me.

So before I throw myself at the work and grind at it, I need to first align my motivation. I will take the first 5 minutes out to reflect on that task. Write down the reasons why I’m doing it. The consequence of not finishing it. How it affects me. And then throw some urgency push with deadlines, carrots, and sticks.

Build a solid foundation for your craft, so you can enjoy that smooth-sailing ride to cross that task.