34. The ridiculous cause of our distress

After doing rigorous reflection lately, I’ve noticed something about myself. My mood is best in the morning, and worst in the evening.

When the sun sets, I feel fatigue, my willpower goes nil, emptiness and loneliness envelope. I over worry about things. I felt like something was missing. But almost often, when the sun rises, the thoughts disappear, superseded with fresh energy to take on the day.

Observing this pattern, I realized that it could simply be a biochemistry issue. I tend to work really hard during the day so I’m left with little energy at night. The worst day could often be attributed to the lack of rest.

When we feel down, we like to think that our problem stems from work issue, relationship drama or an existential crisis. I mean, we all want to feel important. Admitting that it’s actually rooted to exhaustion feels insulting. Sure, we need many serious things to be happy. But more than we know, we need as much as the little things too, like a hug, rest, and good diet. They won’t make our problems disappear, but they will build our strengths to face them.

So before mulling over your sense of gloom, think about whether you are ticking the basic need for your well being. It might simply be cured with a nap or cold shower.