67. Getting into details with what we want

I always thought that I had a clear idea of what I want. My career, my health, my personal development. But I realize what I have is rough ideas, not clear ideas. If you ask me to describe my dream job in details now I would give you a lot of umms and errs with a lot of fluff.

I relearned the law of attraction yesterday. It basically says that whatever our mind can conceive we can receive. And the quality of what we receive is determined by the clarity we have for each of our ask. The more details we add to our goals, the more we can start seeing, feeling and believing that it is coming true, the better our mind and the universe will work its magic to get exactly what we want.

So I started filling in the blanks. I put together a number visuals that will spark the feelings I desire for each area of my life. I write down exactly the attributes and description of the requirements (down to the exact body fat percentage). I gave it a try and picture myself in these new vivid images. I imagine myself as if I have received everything I asked for and I am experiencing that ideal moment right now. Immediately, I feel this surge of energy just buoying inside me. It’s a combination of excitement, joy, gratitude, and confidence.

I don’t even know what I need to do to get close to what I want. But I just get this new-found confidence that tells me someway, somehow, I am going to make it. When the destination becomes so clear, I just know that my actions and the opportunities will align to get me there.