81. We get full faster than we thought

Since I started my quest on body redesign a few months ago, I’ve become more mindful of how my body reacts to hunger. I realized that I tend to feel not having enough after a meal. So I will gorge on another round of crappy food. But on the rare occasions I managed to ignore the impulse, I realize gradually, I will actually feel full without consuming anything extra. That craving I had in the beginning was just a false impression.

This is by no means back by any science. But logically speaking, it just takes time for our digestive system to process the food and to transmit the signal to our brain to say, hey, I’m pretty full now.

Remember those days when you pigged out like no one’s business, you felt you could eat all day but a couple minutes later you got hit by a severe food comma? That’s when we didn’t give our body the time to absorb all the nourishments in. And when they all get processed eventually, our body has have too much to take and crashes.

So my trick to work around my body’s false signal is just to eat slower. To let everything pace their way into my system. I also try to be mindful of the things I eat. I pay attention to the texture, the intricate flavors and fragrance. It helps the slow-down process and to be honest just makes the food much more enjoyable to consume. Rather than treating food as a necessity, a companion to whichever tv show we’re addicted to watching at that moment, the activity of eating itself could be a real gratifying experience. Plus, this helps you to cut cravings and a lot of weight.