94. The terror of cold calling

Cold calling is nerve-wracking. I’ve done it a lot but even till today, the thought of it still makes me anxious. I’m a people person who enjoys and draws energy from conversing with people — but I’ve learned that I don’t particularly fancy speaking from the position of weakness.

It’s easy when I worked for a company with a strong brand. People immediately open up to listen to what you say. But the struggle comes when you’re a nobody and you have to put yourself out there and convince defensive strangers why you’re worth even 5 minutes of their time.

I recently had to do a lot of cold-calling for my new startup. And I just kept just sitting on it. I kept myself busy with other work and delayed having to start calling as long as possible. I don’t know what exactly that is bothering me so much. The fear of being judged? Rejection? I mean the people on the other end of the call won’t even know who I am. Sure, I will get tons of Nos and cold remarks. But people reject the solution and my pitch, not me. It’s not personal at all.

I’m still not sure what causes that anxiety so most of the time, I just power through. Stop thinking so much, commit a day in my calendar and just do it. It felt fucking uncomfortable, but it got better as I build the momentum. Once I conquer my biggest obstacle who is mental self, things get easier, my confidence builds up and I just have to go through the motion.

Oh and the thought that Uber’s Travis Kallanick started Uber by cold calling and 7 out of 10 drivers rejected him, gives me the boost to go on.