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I Choose to be Happy Now

What many of us don’t realize in order to be happy

I used to think that achievements and new experiences were things that kept me happy in life. They are things I look and strive forward to day in and out. I plan, work hard and feel euphoric when I attain them.

Those excitements however, are temporary. They diminish over days and before I know it I’ve started obsessing for something else and more.

As I set the bar higher for what my life should have next, I can’t help but to feel dull. Dull that things are now harder to achieve. Dull that tasks are becoming repetitive. Dull that things are not happening fast enough. I became unhappy because my mind kept paying attention to what my ideal life should be and how I would only feel happy then.

I decided to stop. I decided to be happy now.

I chose to be happy for the things I have today. Happy for waking up healthy. Happy for the love of my friends and family. Happy for my terrific job. Happy for the progress of my startup. Happy for being the person I am today.

I made peace with myself — knowing what I am not, what I am lacking of and being fine with that. I let go of things I can’t control. I accept that things take time.

The moment I had that epiphany, I felt liberated. I no longer feel bad for not being good enough or not accomplishing something or not acting like someone. I am content with what my life as it is today.

Don’t get me wrong, I still strongly believe that everyone should work toward their dreams and being the better version of themselves. We need to be better, but we don’t need to rely on being better to be happy. In fact, when we focus on what we do well, become fully present and enjoy the process of doing it everyday, doesn’t our journey to becoming better get easier, and happier?

Happiness is not something we should strive for, it is something that we already have within. So don’t wait to be happy tomorrow, choose to be happy now.

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