Quit Allowing the Internet Rob You Blind

So, I’m not talking about the gunpoint kind of robbing, this kind of robbing is a bit more subtle, and surprisingly enough, it is easier to prevent, if you know what to watch out for. This type of robbing is the robbing of your personal information, via the inter-web. First, you should know that the Internet can be a very scary place. The deeper you dig, the more you notice your spots of vulnerability. I get it, the convenience factor trumps all, but in order to remain uncompromised, you have to know how to use it safely, and you have to stick up for yourself in order to insure this safety. In 2015 alone, there were 160 data breaches that involved credit card and debit card numbers from almost a million customers; this is just the tip of the iceberg so to speak. Just this week it was announced that YAHOO had a leak of 200 million accounts. Lack of the proper security precautions is the culprit here, but putting all of your personal information in the hands of YAHOO would be your first misstep. Although they claim that the ongoing investigation suggests that stolen information did not include unprotected passwords, payment card data, or bank account information, would you want to take that risk? I don’t even want my closest confidant reading my emails, let alone some strange hacker hiding behind a computer screen. Now, this sort of thing can be taken as a lesson that will be learned by YAHOO, and by its’ users (hopefully). The key here to avoidance in the future is utilizing different strategies to add more protection to yourself and your information. Change passwords frequently, don’t share passwords, or keep passwords in your browser keychain, and additionally, try and mix it up. Don’t catch yourself having one password for 900 different logins. Protect yourself from the relentlessness of online hackers who want to steal anything and everything they can from anyone! Moving on to another are of vulnerability- online purchasing. The transaction process in online purchasing is extremely susceptible to hacking and fraud attempts, which is why it is vital to trust that the company you are exchanging with, has your security as their top priority. “The two main threats to the e-commerce client-server model are viruses and Trojan horse programs”. Transactions that include third party processing are also equally at risk for information interception and corruption. Transaction security requires processes to be put in place to prevent these customer transactions bring becoming compromised while in transit to or from the customer. It is important that a company uses “keys” to reiterate transaction safety. These include secret keys, address verification and digital signatures. If a company has both yours and their best interest in mind, they will take as many precautions as necessary to make sure their customers want to return. Comfortability and trust will always keep me coming back, even if it does take a little bit of extra time, I will always choose safety. This information is just the starter kit when it comes to cyber security precautions for consumers, but I hope it will open your eyes and prompt you to take a little bit more into consideration when choosing what and how to interact on the internet.

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