Ethereum is looking for new EIP Editors to moderate the EIP repo

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Ethereum Improvement Proposals (EIPs) are how Ethereum upgrades itself. EIP Editors have extra permissions on the EIP repository in exchange for extra responsibilities within the Ethereum community.

Responsibilities as an EIP Editor include:

Ethereum is looking for some new EIP Editors.

What is a good requirement for someone to become an EIP editor?

Incoming updates to EIP-1

The new EIP status workflow

The new changes to EIP-1 center on one thing: Separating the EIP repo from the hard-fork coordination process.

The EIP repository is intended to be a place for technical specifications. However, by introducing the hard fork coordination process, politics were introduced into the EIP repo.

The new process intends to reduce the amount of politics within the EIP repo by separating the hard-fork coordination process as much as possible.

In the U.S. legislative process, bills are drafted, then a separate process occurs to pass them into law. The EIP repo is seen as a place where EIPs are drafted and…

Use Gnosis Safe to invest in and withdraw from dHEDGE pools

To democratize the investing experience, dHEDGE is enabling multi-signature investments and withdraws through Gnosis Safe. Here’s how to use it.

Open the App

First load the app in Gnosis Safe. Go to Gnosis Safe Apps.

Client diversity, state bloat, Medalla testnet, and Eth2 attacknets

Ethereum Cat Herders provide decentralized project management to Ethereum.

Ethereum Core Devs

Network Health Maintenance

More talk about client diversity. Ethereum Cat Herders has created a questionnaire to gather data from key node operators.

Concerns about generously raising the gas limit were brought up, citing serious security threats, such as the Shanghai attacks.

State bloat was also brought up. It was suggested that this problem may carry over to Eth2.0 over time if not solved.


Ethereum 2.0

Eth2.0 Phase 0v0.12.2released in preparation for the Medalla test network. Phase 1 continues in active development.

Learn more about the Medalla testnet.

Three attacknets…

How asking yourself the right questions gives you the right answers

Checkmate. Image by Devanath from Pixabay.

I have friends I play a competitive game with.

When I play new people, new connections, with this game, I beat them pretty strongly. It’s rare that I lose a game.

However, for the friends I made through this game, it’s rare that I take a match. And they’re not the best in the world. Maybe the top 1000 at the highest.

They’re good enough to beat me nine times out of ten and have me still beat the majority of people in the world.

One day I was playing with one of them, and I lost pretty candidly. …

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An introduction on how to leverage using MakerDAO’s DAI

Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin have a history of price volatility compared to traditional currencies like the US dollar. Some cryptocurrency users find a need to trade for more stable options under circumstances, such as avoiding risk for example.

In response to cryptocurrency’s variable price movement, digital currencies with a stable price compared to USD have been created. The most popular one by market cap is Tether, USDT.

A concern with Tether is that USDT is minted by a centralized platform. Some question on transparency, if Tether truly has the collateral of USD that makes their price stable.

In response to centralized…

Ethereum Cat Herders provide decentralized project management to Ethereum.

The Berlin upgrade, testnet YOLO, Eth2.0 version 0.12.1, and more.

Welcome to another issue of the ECH newsletter. We hope to help you catch up with what happened in the community since our last update.

Berlin Upgrade

Berlin is the next network upgrades for Ethereum. The upgrades proposed for Berlin are:

A subroutine is a sequence of instructions that perform a task. Subroutines are available in most virtual machines. With EIP-2315, subroutines will be a new feature for the Ethereum Virtual Machine.

BLS curves are a cryptographic feature requested for Eth2.0. BLS12–381 is useful for digital signatures and creating zero-knowledge proofs for…

A reflection of the EIPIP survey results

The first step in problem-solving is finding what the problems are. A simple way to find problems is to ask the community who’s involved.

We asked stakeholders a set of emotional questions. “What’s your biggest frustrations?” can identify current problems. “What’s your biggest fears?” can identify possible future problems. And, “What do you currently like?” can identify things that shouldn’t be changed.

The Results

The final results are almost the same as the survey results shown in May. There were three main categories:

We also found community values for the EIP process:

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The final transitioning mechanism to Ethereum 2.0

The current human lifespan at its longest length reaches around 100 years, a century. From now until the start of the A.D. calendar is loosely 20 of those longest-lasting lifetimes, 20 centuries, 2000 years, 2 millennia.

Thirteen thousand of those 2 millennia ago, 2.6 million years ago, was a period marked by glaciers covering large parts of the word, for over 10 thousand years, in what we today call the ice age.

Sheets of ice covered large parts of Europe, North America, and South America, and small areas in Asia. Remains of these glaciers can still be seen today. This…

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How to host a simple website on Arweave’s perma-web

One summer in 2007, I was introduced to a web design competition held by Oracle called Trio. Trio was a competition for media. The most competitive media being websites. The website competition held by Oracle, if I remember correctly, was called Thinkquest. Thinkquest is no longer acting, being shut down in 2013. Through the short time it existed however, Thinkquest was my introduction to software engineering as a highschooler.

It was great. My teammates created the content that was to be uploaded to the website, and I created the design and code that would be the context for the content…

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