The Decline of War
Angus Hervey

I’m Brazilian, please be nice to my english :)

I think what this study is missing here is that we have some non declarated wars running now. I know one and heard about other. Both of them happens because of drugs:

The one I know is in Brazil. I live in Rio de Janeiro. Here is comon place listen some gun fights during the day. Every day thousand of people sleeps in the firing line. The result is: more than 58,000 people died in 2014 in Brazil only by violent death. You can pick a year in Iraque war and the death amount will never be higher. The same thing happens in all the big cities of Brazil, some of them more, some less, but all of them have this violence problem.

Maybe you can think I’am overreacting, but the only thing that happens in middle east wars and does not happen here is the use of large pumps. We have groups attacking each other, mostly at night. Some times they atack even the police, than they counter-atack and the population is always in the middle. Some years ago a police’s helicopter was shot down because they are used in operations.

The other war is running in Mexico. From what I could know in the news, they most likely have the same problems we have here, with just others characteristics, but the source of the problems are the same.

Maybe we can say wars are changing or, at least, the civil wars. But I think it’s early to say it’s getting better.

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