Kindle and some coffee…

Yeah, what do you do when your phone is dead, there is no public computers to use, you are strapped for cash and your family is a bit far away.

This happened to me recently, for some reasons, I lost my flight from Brazil to Costa Rica and I had to work at the same day, no matter what, I should buy another ticket and there was not availability for the same day. So I stayed like 24 hours at the airport. I had lost all my belongings and wallets, credit cards on the last night. So all I need to do is have someone to help me to buy my tickets, but how could I do it? My girlfriend Priscila wasn’t living in Brazil anymore and my family lives in another city, I was completely lost and a stranger in my own country now.
I had the funds to buy it, but my savings in Brazil were invested and I would lost tons of cash plus taxes and fines If I withdraw it, so it was the worst case scenario, I had this money in a foreigner bank account, so how could I do it? Since my cards also have been lost in the messy night I have had. So all I need was an internet connection to book my tickets and use my current online banking, but how could I do it? My phone dead and public computers are yesterday news, by the way , the Sao Paulo airport (one of the most moderns in the world due to recent World Cup in Brazil and Olympics have several coffees with internet, but I didn’t have any device to use it!

So, suddenly, a brilliant idea popped up to my mind. I have a Kindle, what can I do with Kindle besides reading books? I had enough time ahead and I didn’t have the tickets so far, and I should buy those immediately, so I was really desperate since I had to work right on the next day.

So I have started to check all the settings available on my Kindle when I realized, wow, they have an experimental browser over here, let me check. I’ve started to check and do tests, browsing through websites, some I could make it, some others I couldn’t, in fact, some I could browse easily, even Facebook was cool to browse and even post on it, but the most important was the messenger feature, I had properly access and I could stick to it. From that moment my life became way easier, I was able to communicate with my Priscila and provide all information needed regarding my bank account in Costa Rica, in order to buy the tickets. After awful desperate moments, I had the tickets confirmation and all I had to do was enjoy my monochromatic browsing experience, get some rest and wait for next 24 hours for the flight, yeah I had much idle time, indeed. Even for sending messages to my work, and reschedule some important business meetings. But, the bottom line here is that Kindle device remained in my living room for weeks and I didn’t even notice its presence (poor “great” device)…literally saved my skin… is a perfect tool for reading books, no doubt it, but, for browsing, chatting, for me, was big news, a real blast, without Kindle, I couldn’t make it, I was dead, indeed it helped me a lot to get the tickets, to get online and available to my co-workers, friends and especially my girlfriend which had supported me a lot on this matter.
Wow, I was forgetting about it, of course, coffee, the Brazilian coffee still is great. Ok ok Costa Rica and Colombian coffee are great too, another blast!

Well, that’s it, the bottom line again is “never underestimate an old device, someone or be too proud, you don’t achieve nothing, alone.

“You only live once… enjoy”
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