It’s common among designers to limit their portfolios to the narrow spectrum of mediums and tools they studied or practiced in their professional environment. For instance, my portfolio showcases mostly digital products. But as Bruce Mao’s Incomplete Manifesto states, “Creativity is not device dependent.” Reflecting on my work under Mao’s perspective made me willing to talk more openly about the explorations I usually don’t share in my Resume.

This post is an invitation to the hidden rooms of my creativity, where disciplines and mediums which I am not very proficient come to the surface. …

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As the discipline of design has become more relevant for businesses over the last decade, human-centered design became jargon across different industries, more notably technology companies. By putting humans in the center of the design process, could we be objectifying humans to the point of losing touch to their own mutable needs?

Humans are social animals, and our behavior changes according to many variables. We are constantly interacting with others and the environment, and we are subject to hormones and health conditions. …

For the second assignment, I kept working on the light ring of neopixels. With the goal of using a phonegap app interface to control the colors of the lights, instead of just sending the raw data. Using the boilerplate from class, I created three sliders to control the neopixels’ RGB values. Although the combination of values works fine, producing all types of colors, there is something wrong around the function that turns the led strip ON. This function has a wipe effect that takes sometime to run trough. If I call other functions for change the colors for example, while the wipe function is still cycling, the bluetooth loses the connection just after the wipe effect finishes.

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Edson Soares

Designer, Technologist and Videomaker

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