Starting an apparel brand.

Turning my hobby into a business using Shopify, Printful, and Pinterest.

I’m using Pinterest to discover inspiring space outfit designs.

The intent of this microblog is entirely self-serving; journaling my progress and learnings while helping myself write better on mobile. It’s not easy to edit on mobile so I’ll just be going with the flow.

Briefly about me

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve always enjoyed customizing my characters in video games, and now I’m doing it for real.

Inspired by space suit designs and concept art, I want to design athleisure outfits because my daily work outfit is sporty and all black. I ride my longboard to and from work everyday so I prefer a sporty outfit.


I love to learn things. I skim read as much as possible. Note: the Elevate App is a great way to improve your reading!


When I research on YouTube I usually play videos at 1.25x-1.5x speed, or just skip to a better video if it’s not useful. Once you find and watch enough quality videos, YouTube will learn and serve you more quality content. Signing out from your google account can help keep the content relevant.


Visual research is easily done on Pinterest. Start a new board and collect everything that appeals to you. You’ll start seeing a pattern and you can narrow down your niche. You can checkout my Pinterest channel here.


I’m a Shopify Partner so I’ve started to build a Shopify store to sell the apparel and merchandise I design. I’ve got sufficient front-end skills to customize my store so that it looks and feels branded.

Sales Tax

A thing to pay attention to is your sales tax. It’s important. Here in California it varies depending on the city and district. I assume it does for every state. For me the sales tax is right now 9.75%. That’s quite a bit, especially when your margins are already low from dropshipping. TaxJar is a great tool for automatically calculating and tracking sales taxes.


Right now, I’m going with Printful, a dropshipping service where you can design and sell printed merchandise. the benefit is that you don’t have to keep inventory and you profit when you make a sale.


Printify is another good alternative but their Shopify app doesn’t work right now.

Feedback from you

Please leave a comment if you want to know more about anything I’ve mentioned so far. Also, if you have any experience on this topic, feel free to share!

This post took about 45 minutes to write. More coming tomorrow.