Learning, Decentralized

Uber and AirBnB are to a decentralized economy as Pokemon Go is to augmented reality.

Data allows Uber to take on transportation. Knowing where you are and where you’re going allows Uber to place you with the right person to solve your problem.

Data allows AirBnB to generate trust while strangers let people into their homes. Knowing that other people have stayed there and survived allows you to have the confidence to do the same. Not to mention the sentiment of “you have a room? I need a room.”

In the same way that data allows everyone to be a chauffeur and hotelier, it will allow everyone to be a teacher. There are things that I know that you need to know. There are concepts that you know that I want to know. Knowing what we each know will help us to use learning data to decentralize learning in the same way that knowing where we are or where we’ve been has helped us to decentralize travel.

We’re so at the beginning!