The Japanese Newspaper that becomes a plant (Tech Innovation)

I have seen so many Japanese Tech innovations but once again Japan never cease to amaze me. In 2016, one of the most well-known Japanese dailies, The Mainichi, printed a special issue that could be planted and would flower – encouraging people to think about giving things a second lease of life. The invention consists in a newspaper made of recycled and vegetable paper that you can plant after you’ve read it. It is called “Green Newspaper” and was invented by the publisher of the famous Japanese daily, The Mainichi Shimbunsha. The idea was conceived by Dentsu Inc, one of Japan’s largest advertising agencies, which works with “The Mainichi”. The green newspaper is not the first sustainable initiative undertaken by the Japanese daily. Its commitment to environmental protection is already well-known thanks to a previous advertising campaign on water donations for populations suffering from thirst.

“The Mainichi doesn’t take action only through information, but also by solving global issues”. I really respect and admire the Japanese innovative approach 実際何かをやる方が、ただしゃべるよりも良いことである。- literally means “It’s better to actually do something than just talk about it”

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