EdTech Austin has been an advocate for technological solutions in education for years. Though this Covid-19 outbreak has upended our world, and caused innumerable issues, there are some silver linings, and those lie in the opportunity and change driven by this world-shaking event.

K-12 Education has been slow to adapt to the rapid change in technology and the digital world. Roadblocks such as lack of funding, teacher training, lack of workforce willingness to adapt to new technology, a large and complex bureaucratic system, and an overall lack of resources and investment in the education space mean that public education as whole is decades behind fields such as healthcare, communication, business, and other major industries. …

At the EdTech Austin meetup in December 2019 companies from across the education, startup, and technology space came together to share their innovations, ideas, growth, and successes they had over the past year while networking with the Austin EdTech community. …

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Can you believe we are just a month away from 2020?! It is crazy how fast time flies. Our team has been working hard on our upcoming Meetup season. Our team is beyond excited to share all that we have been working on.

November 2019 Recap-

Our last meetup was led by Joan Hughes, Ph.D. and Adam Papendieck, Ph.D. …

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