SEO Controlling: Numbers about the SEO agencies do not like to talk

For many companies, SEO is a black-box. This does not have to be with a reasonable SEO controlling.

SEO is still a black-box for many companies. Again and again, we encounter, in the market, companies who invest regularly in SEO, but do not know what services they receive from their SEO agency exactly. Here are SEO controlling or SEO reports mostly not included.

That is why it is not important what Top SEO company in Delhi promises, but what results it delivers.

The 7 most important SEO metrics for your SEO controlling

SEO key figure 1: number of keywords

How many different search terms do you find on Google? This gives a good indication of the visibility of your website. A normal website is found with 1–15 different terms.

SEO Score 2: Rankings on page 1

Sometimes we discover websites that have a lot of rankings, but hardly any Google visitors. This can, of course, have several reasons. One reason for this may be how many different terms a website is found on page 1 on Google. Hardly anyone is looking at page 2 or on.

SEO key figure 3: Number of web site visitors from Google

How many site visitors come from Google? How does this figure change over time? At we refer to 80% of our website visitors from the natural Google search. SEO measures do not work immediately.

SEO Key Figure 4: Turnover / DB over SEO Actions

This key figure is the key figure. How much revenue or coverage contribution will bring the SEO measures for the Best SEO services in Delhi. In order to be able to evaluate this key figure, one must document the traceability of the source of sales or orders.

SEO indicator 5: Visibility index (+ competitor)

Each SEO tool has a specific metric to express the visibility of a web page. This number is important when you want to quickly compare the visibility of web pages. At this point, it is, of course, very important to observe market observers as well. The temporal change of the visibility number plus the evaluation of the competitor should therefore ask you at the SEO agency in Delhi of your trust.

SEO key figure 6: Number of backlinks

Links from other websites are still a major criterion for the visibility of the projects. No matter whether you can operate active backlink construction or not. It is important to have regular reports on the number of backlinks in a given period.

SEO key figure 7: On-page optimization degree

At the beginning of a project you should take a look at the degree of optimization of the so-called On-Page values. Here, elements such as loading speed of the website, Meta-descriptions and headings, problems with links, etc. are considered.

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