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“‘…I asked you to draw the drapes,’ said Mrs. Rogers.

‘I did! I did! See,’ said Ameila Bedelia. She held up her picture” (page 48).*

First published in 1963, many of us have had the pleasure of reading at least one book in Peggy Parish’s Amelia Bedelia series. We giggled at the constant mix-ups and waited to see the look on Mrs. Rogers’ face when she discovered them. (My personal favorite was the dressing of the chicken. You have to hand it to Amelia; those overalls looked posh).

Amelia Bedelia holding a pie
Amelia Bedelia holding a pie
“Amelia Bedelia’s 50th Birthday Party” by Skokie Public Library is licensed under CC BY-NC-SA 2.0

As I grew older, I realized there was something sophisticated about the humor in the series. Parish had the ability to find the silliness in the English language and bring it to life through Amelia’s shenanigans — And the moment you began to understand it as a child, you felt just a little bit more grown up.

This post is dedicated to all of the educators who continue to be there for their families — at home and at school.

Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

The Window

It’s 6:40am when the alarm goes off. Reaching for the phone, I check my morning emails and get my bearings by looking at the calendar. Within a few minutes the text comes in, “Shower,” and I know that means my sister is awake and will be ready for our morning walk soon (300 miles apart). …

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There it was, shouting up at me from the column labeled, “Student Engagement”. DEVELOPING.

Of course, my immediate reaction was to defend myself, frantically scanning the rest of the rubric, grasping for any 3s or 4s I could get my hands on. But no matter what I found, the 2 shouted louder. Had it been in a different area, like “Classroom Management”, I don’t think it would have rattled me as much, but Student Engagement?!

How could I, a teacher who spent hours each night planning my lessons, receive a “2” in ‘Student Engagement’?

Little did I know, this tiny moment in time (and yes, it was only one post-observation report) would shape the rest of my career in education. After all, this was when I learned to name the monster, Student Engagement. …



I am an Instructional Technology Coach and Client Succcess Manager at Educate LLC. I believe in the power of communities to fight for equity and access for all.

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