The Growth of EDTECH

There’s no denying that digital education is set to be extremely transformative, the gradual digitization of education, however must be viewed as a long rising tide. Despite it’s slow adoption which tend to be squandering the potential benefit, EdTech has the capacity to be an ‘education super dividend’ improving economies worldwide. Edtech’s potential to revolutionize the world’s learning has been quietly waiting in the shadows for a while which explains why Since Q1 2014, $3.1bn has been invested globally into edtech startups. Rethinking ‘digital education as a service’ can accelerate the integration of innovative education technologies and better prepare society for 21st century employment. Just as technology, and particularly the digital era, has disrupted and improved most major segments of the economy, education will in the same way undergo a tech revolution, we all know digital disruption is not a new thing, as its winds have certainly passed through many sectors already. Learning from the music industry, where digital music sales now have surpassed physical sales, we notice a noteworthy business model developing in the form of music as a service.