The White People Who Need “Proof of Racism”
Son of Baldwin

Hold up… isn’t the passage from Dr. Morrison directly contradiction everything you are saying? Am I reading this wrong lol like you are literally providing evidence that contradicts your points. You are saying there is racism, and then complaining about those who are denying your claim… but then Dr. Morrison said that Racism in and of itself is a fraud, and that its something that is only perpuated by people like you who “need to have the victims of racism” …note, its not ‘need prove of victims of their own racism to believe it’ … its “need victims of racism” so these petulant ones can call themselves just.

to be clear, im not saying racism doesn’t exist, I’m just saying, isn’t that was Dr. Morrison is saying?

please correct me if I’m wrong, this is just an honest question / observation

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