I’ve been thinking more and more about what it means to really have a digital classroom. As the teachers on the LGHS/Saratoga campuses are utilizing Canvas and more and more, many of us are collecting work digitally, I have begun to see a divide in expectations and it comes down to one thing.

Ask yourself this question,
If your class is given homework on Wednesday in Canvas, what is the due date?

Is it:

A. Wednesday evening?

B. Thursday evening?

C. The start of Friday’s class period?

If you were collecting it on paper, what would be the due date?

Have you ever had “life” just happen and you could not be at work? Like a, drop everything, family emergency, nothing about work matters, kind of moment?

I have. Most people have. And if it hasn’t happened to you yet. It will.

For educators, this can be an especially difficult dilemma because not showing up to work means kids are left without a teacher, and the stakes are high. Their education is paramount.

Thus, suddenly being unable to make it to work can become doubly stressful because you are adding the stress of leaving your students in a lurch ON…

You know the old idiom, “Don’t throw the baby out with the bath water.” In educational circles, this happens so frequently that it’s easy to lose sight of what is still relevant. We all know that as educators we need to keep changing to grow and there are outdated mindsets that are not productive in today’s schools. We also know that our students deserve access to opportunities to apply updated literacies and a shift in how we engage students. What we can’t forget is the wisdom of the amazing educators who came before us and developed meaningful lessons 10, 15…

One of the common mantras from educational speakers like Sir Ken Robinson is that schools don’t change. That schools are stuck in some dystopian nightmare of a Dickenesque factory which is not keeping up with the demands of the 21st century. It is true that many things may have remained the same in education but one thing that is new is the amount of data that is being produced in classrooms. We now obsess about data, from providing evidence of learning that has occurred in a classroom to how our countries stack up in the international PISA rankings.

This data…

Knowledge organisers. The BIG new thing in education. Suddenly they are cropping up everywhere and everyone is raving about them. But I think there is a missed opportunity with these things.

Firstly, I am all for knowledge organisers. When I first heard of them through the Twittersphere, I merely used them as a revision tool. I printed out a series of them and told my students that if could remember these key dates and concepts, it would help them get a half decent grade. Did they use them …. probably not. But it was a start.

As the months have…

Do you plan for student misconduct as you plan your lessons for instruction?

After 26 years of teaching, with half of those years spent facilitating classroom management workshops, I have learned the value of anticipating and planning for the worst while hoping for student cooperation in the classroom during instruction.

‘Classroom management some days can feel much more like herding cats.’– Anonymous

During one such Cooperative Discipline workshop, I recall the pushback of the participants to the concepts being shared. I sensed the all-too-familiar concern that the content of what we were delivering sounded good in theory but how practical…

Start here: Crazy Fun Pics/Vid’s

For those of us who attend conferences one, two, or many times throughout the year, the real Takeaway is often the relationships created and the opportunity to breathe just a little bit away from the daily grind.

I am not a conference junkie by any stretch. For my own professional growth, I cherry pick maybe three conferences a year that I think are worth investing in. Here is my shameless plug for FALL CUE–this is one of them. Now it begs the question why?

The real take away that you cannot quantify on your expense…

Many teachers completely avoid the subject of politics in the classroom while others feel it is their responsibility to share their political agendas with their students. I imagine most teachers fall somewhere in between. I believe that discussing politics and current events in the classroom is a vital component of a liberal arts education.

My approach is to always express both sides of an issue, sometimes three or four sides. An educator’s role is not to indoctrinate but to enlighten. Our goal should be to teach young people how to research the facts so they can draw their own conclusions.

21 Reasons Your Content Should Be Great After FlBlogCon William Jackson #MyQuestToTeach

FlBlogCon Education Speaker 2014

Being great on social media is not a thing of chance, it is the ability to be comfortable in your digital life as a content creator, digital innovator, thought leader, graphic artist, or even a web developer.

It means that it is ok to have fun on the web and to integrate yourself into your product even on a digital level. Too many people lose the excitement of creating content that will be read, viewed, studied, listened to and watched. …

Brian Kulak is the founder of Leveluplead.com and author of the upcoming book, Level Up Leadership: Advance Your EduGame. Brian is a K-5 principal in New Jersey, a writer and speaker, and a proud husband and father. Follow him on Twitter @bkulak11.

Provide Student Voice in Everything You Do

When we arrived at the rescue shelter that Sunday morning, I knew I didn’t have a choice.

Surreptitiously, my wife had begun graduate-level research on what would become our next dog, and though she couched the idea to visit a Philadelphia shelter as “just a visit,” I have a feeling contracts…


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