AppStore Rejections: Here is what I learned.


It’s my first time I have submitted anything to the review team of Apple for the AppStore. I made a small macOS productivity app called NotePlan, which is a merger of Calendar + Todos + Markdown and after about 7 months I was ready to give it into the hands of Apple.

First of all the submission is quite fast. I have uploaded my broken versions (not intentionally broken obviously) in the night and next day in the evening I got a reply, which mostly meant I have to do some more work and bugfixing (2x exactly and 1x it failed some automated checks).

The review is extremely helpful. I didn’t expect it earlier, but they actually open the app and try it like a normal user would! And bugs are found for sure. This is obviously very helpful for you, the developer. You can be assured you don’t make a really stupid mistake, such as forgetting to test the app it with a new user account and noticing that files are not saved at all (yep happened to me!).

You learn more about your bundle. I got some issues with some libraries. Since I work with Qt, I have some non-standard files in the Frameworks folder and some were sticking out negativly. The review gives you quite good tips how to deal with it and find them. This reduced the overall file size of my app from 90MB to about 35MB. Yay!

NotePlan makes you more organized in your daily tasks. Check out NotePlan here and sign up for a beta/trial.