Journey into Code

How mine started, and where it might lead me

From what I can recall, I’ve always been fascinated with technology and the process of creation through engineering, especially the imitation of intelligence through code and anatomy. Artificial intelligence has been an interest of mine and will always be since I find it to practically be a form of art. I was introduced to coding and software engineering later than I would have hoped, my desire to problem solve and find a solution to create a seamless experience for people seems to fit perfectly with that of a developer.

Starting now is always better than a missed opportunity at being able to do something extraordinary. When I was younger, I enjoyed art and the process or transferring that idea to a physical form. As a matter of course, when I was introduced to web development, I saw the potential to create something with form and function while expressing a passion for art, and I knew this is something I want to pursue; something I didn’t want to pass up. I’ve had a lot of employment opportunities and various workplaces, but nothing gave me the drive and determination at the same degree as coding does. This felt natural to me, something I should have been doing since entering university. However, that does not mean I regret my previous experiences, as they have taught me crucial skills that made me who I am today.

Joining a great community like Juno has given me the tools and support to really flourish my skills and be able to transfer my ideas into functional code. And being part of a team of so many people that are just as determined, gives me the drive to expand my abilities and be part of something exceptional. This is the start of my coding journey, it may lead down many paths, such as software engineering and AI development, but I am grateful that it started here and now.

Software Engineer | Mentor | Wannabe Astrophysicist