Pause. Assess. Chase happiness

We live in this mechanically driven world, enclosed in a loop, doing same thing on a daily basis. Humans, including me, often neglect true happiness. Have you asked yourself once... "am I doing what I used to dream when I was a child? "

Defining true happiness, we have to live our life to the fullest. We have to wake up with a smile and get up from our comfy beds, having a warm hug from a cup of your favorite Cafe americano while embracing the warmth of Mr. Sun.

You’ll get to know you’re on the right track when you’re excited to wake up to start a new day. As for why I have started this blog, I was inspired by one of my average friend who writes blogs and articles. Please don’t hate me for using average, as I just used the term because ever since college, we both know that we’re just average students, happy and contented with average grade as long as we can say goodbye to the semester. That is when I realized I can also write, spit the things that I wanted to say, which I don’t usually get the chance to. I always loved to silently create things to express myself. Everyone has their own creativity hidden inside, I guess. 😊

I currently work as a Server administrator in a known international IT services company. I earn decent amount to provide for my family and for my personal needs. Like many of us in this century, we’re so busy that we often forget what makes us happy, and worst, we forget to spend time with our loved ones. Lucky are those who earn money while doing their passion which makes me remember the saying:

“Having a job that makes you really happy, is never a job.”

In line with this, I decided to do what I really want in life and explore the things that I wanted to do.

So let me get back to my question... what do you really want? Do you love what you’re doing? It’s quite hard to answer but one thing’s for sure, it’s NEVER too late to follow your heart in traversing the road to life’s fulfillment and happiness.



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