The red lights

photo by Lucas Zimmermann

Sometimes they call me

Someone had told them my name, I don’t know who

At first they tried to get me by cute nicknames

“Hey, buddy stop there ok?”

“Hi my friend, today you will stay for a small talk? Can you please?”

Honey you know that you didn’t need to do it”

I keep crossing them without think twice.

Them they stopped to be so kind

“You really want it didn’t you?”

“You know that you have a life in front of you”

“You are just giving up because of nothing!”

I almost hear their scream “No please!” but I ignore, always

Once a girl that should know me better said to me:

— Men, they all like to run fast.

I did not bother to say the truth, she didn’t deserve it from me

I keep it on my throat

— No, my dear don’t you see? I don’t run because I like the speed, I run because I hope that someday I will not be whole as I get in the other side.

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