Crypto Companies & The US Dept. of Energy (DOE): Funding Blockchain Development

Cybersecure Sensors for Fossil Power Generation — Projects selected under this AOI will explore emerging technologies (such as blockchain and decentralized, peer-to-peer internet protocols) that secure process signal data and other information flows within distributed sensor networks for fossil-based power generation systems. [source]

On Monday, the DOE announced that it is giving out a grant of $4.8 million to fund the research of technologies including blockchain. The office of fossil energy in the DOE made the announcement. The projects that can benefit from the funding are those already conducting research on emerging technologies like decentralized technology, peer-to-peer protocols and blockchain technology for securing data to fossil power generation sensors.

The funding, which is part of FE’s University Training and Research initiative, aims to develop the next generation of science and engineering professionals in the fossil energy sector, and to increase the participation of under-represented students in research projects.

This news is positive for two cryptocurrencies we know of, Iota (trade link: MIOTA) and Vectorspace AI (trade link: VXV) who currently collaborates with the US Department of Energy as listed on their site.

There could other crypto companies involved so let us know if you find any others!